He is working in the fields of both biological science and contemporary visual art, and interested in the relationship among scientific, philosophical, cultural, historical and aesthetic views of “life”. As an artist, he has produced contemporary abstract papercutting and biomedia art, and as a biologist, he has studied on spatio-temporal (rhythmic/morphological) pattern formation dynamics in microorganisms (especially in CYANOBACTERIA). Born in 1971. Director of metaPhorest (biological/biomedia aesthetics platform), Professor, Ph.D., Department of Electrical Engineering & Bioscience, WASEDA UNIVERSITY; Director, metaPhorest; and a member of „SYNTHETIC AESTHETICS“ (NSF-ESPRC).

www.f.waseda.jp/hideo-iwasaki www.facebook.com/metaphorest.net


Metamorphorest Body

paper cutouts, 16 sheets, 2008-2011.

-galerie wuensch aircube, artist-in-residence project, Linz
-metaPhorest, Japan


Culturing „Paper“ cut

Cyanobacterium, Oscillatoria sp., culture media, biological articles, flasks, 2013.

CYANOBACTERIA (photosynthetic bacteria) isolated from my neighboring ponds are growing and making complicated patterns on gels in the presence of cut biological articles (papers,originally written by the artist). The paper can be reused for additional imperfect replication of the bacterial patterns, like silk screens with bacteria instead of ink.

The papers are parts from our own scientific articles studying on cyanobacterial morphogenesis and biological clock. Generally, ‘objective’ scientific papers are filled with ‘subjective’ interpretation and actions. In this work, the first subjective pronouns and text describing subjective actions had been cutout, and instead, bacteria are growing from the missing points. Original images in the articles were not eliminated but remained somehow. Thus, three distinct patterns derived from scientific description, fine-art/craft-based papercutting and generative bacterial movements/growth are coexisting here.

The bacterial colony pattern formations shown here are not only media for aesthetic pursuit but also for scientific investigation at his science/art lab.

-galerie wuensch aircube, artist-in-residence project, Linz
-Ars Electronica Center, Biolab, Linz (Mr. Stefan Schwarzmair)
-NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo
-metaPhorest, Japan


HIDEO IWASAKI is being exhibited now at the PROJECT GENESIS exhibition, Ars Electronica Center Linz, 2013-2014. http://www.aec.at/center/ausstellungen/projekt-genesis/

HIDEO IWASAKI (metaPhorest) & ORON CATTS (SymbioticA) “ Biogenic Timestamp“, 2013. Foto courtesy Hideo Iwasaki.


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