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DANINO BOZIC – graphite/paper – 70x50cm – 1/1 – 2013 – foto|gwa


From the very beginning, in other words, from that morning in November 1961 when my parents gave me my diminutive name by deciding that it should start with the „exotic“ letter D, my destiny has been sealed. My childhood was carefree beside the usual frustrations typical for that age. Most of all I preferred summer and playing in abandoned houses. The local elementary school was a nightmare in disguise. I read poorly, used to loose Rubbers and wrote with blunt pencils. First signs of my aptitude for art were visible even then, not only owing to my „beautiful sketches“, but also owing to my frequent modelling: I would spent hours modelling towns in sand which we kept in a Barrel behind the house. Besides, in those days, I replaced a number of car magazines that belonged to my father, the bus driver, with beautiful Italian coffee-table Books published by Fratelli Fabri Edittore „I maestri del colore“. It is there that I first came across the names such as Carra, De Chirico, Matisse, Mondrian…This became my own private little Bible.

DANINO BOZIC – graphit/paper – 70x50cm – 1/1 – 2013 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – graphite/paper/metal – 60x50cm – 1/1 – 2003


High school was somewhat more exciting not so much because of the agricultural department which I attended, but because of the company I kept. I accidentally became a member of a school band and played the drums. I earned my first money and gained my first youth „experience“ on summer terraces and in local Discos. I quitted soon because it became clear that I was not particularly talented. One boat trip to Venice from Porec with my mother at the end of 1970s proved what I had always felt. It took a while to find our way in the city of St.Mark and it was awfully hot. I remember my worn out mother sitting on Giardini while I was frantically visiting pavilions. I think it was the Italian one: I opened the door and infront of me -the Dance by Matisse. Not only was I surprised, but something went through my spin and stopped in the stomach. I knew it then: this was it!

Reference: FROM THE DIARY OF THE SELF, JERICA ZIHERL, DANINO BOZIC, Monographie, HDLU Istre & Medit, Pula, 2012, ISBN 978-953-7121-47-1

DANINO BOZIC – graphite/paper/metal – 60x50cm – 1/1 – 2003 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – graphite/paper – 49,5×49,5cm – 1/1 – 2007 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – graphit/paper – 100x70cm – 1/1 – 2008 – foto|gwa



…For decades he has been drawn by the idea that the artist of our time must no longer perceive himself as a specialist in a singular discipline or technique. thus he has experienced the dematerialisation of an art object, has realized the role of the mental and analytical component in the groundwork of art and ist modus operandi, has been applying mixed media techniques, while his pronounced auto-reflexivity resulted in the need to explain through his paintings and objects his idea of the nature and phenomenology of art, refusing to remain on the margins of developments in a broader context of arts and culture.

DANINO BOZIC – metal/lacquer – 50x50cm – 1/1 – 2007 – foto|gwa

…His recent work demonstrates the same appeal, the same visual strength and, above all, profusion of technical innovation. Bozic goes on creating his artwork, driven by belief that the road he chose a Long time ago has not reached its destination yet, that he has not exhausted all his preoccupations, all the questions to be asked. In his work we still read the ascending movement of the problem-induced inovation and enthusiasm, with no signs of fading imagination or diminished sensibility on the horizon.

Reference: DANINO BOZIC, Monographie, HDLU Istre & Medit, Pula, 2012, ISBN 978-953-7121-47-1

DANINO BOZIC – alu – 27x27cm – 1/1 – 2017 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – alu – 63x23cm – 1/1 – 2017 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – alu – 50x40cm – 1/1 – 2017 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – alu – 31x31cm – 1/1 – 2017 – foto|gwa

DANINO BOZIC – alu – detail – 1/1 – 2017 – foto|gwa

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