2022|04 – 06 BETI BRICELJ

In the very beginning of my artistic career I established a grid from the lines that would be the base that all my work since has been developed from. The grid has evolved and changed through the years, yet it still holds a confidence to inspire countless different outcomes. The base gives the framework to explore ideas by sketching many studies as I search for the concept that will inspire a new series of work.

The painting is built up with constructivist sensibility, where everything is determined and is focused on the concrete, physical reality of the medium in use. There is only one possibility for the unpredictable to happen – and that is a spontaneous, unplanned line or a stroke within the initial sketch, which I use for the creation of a new development (idea).

BETI BRICELJ – acryl on wood – 30×60 – 2022 – foto|gwa

In my practice the work is developing through many studies and sketches which are based on my previous work. There is an intense game of exploration, investigation & discovery. I strive to find the appropriate solutions & making definitive decisions to move the ideas forward. This is the most important part of the process where the main creativity happens.

I have been focused on the Flat Cube concept since 2017. Exploring ideas of perspective, depth and illusion I play with perception to illustrate truths and invent new (unreal) realities to challenge the observer. So far, FlatCubes are divided into three groups: Firstly, I used the pure outside dimensions of the cube to frame the flat composition, the second approach played with the interior 3d perspective of the cube and the third introduced the idea of ‘the impossible object’.

BETI BRICELJ – acryl on canvas – 70x70cm – 2022 – foto|gwa
BETI BRICELJ – acrylic on wood – 40x37cm – 2019,2022

The idea has evolved through different shapes and forms. In the past, smaller works were given different formats like a circle and triangle before I decided to concentrate on the cube and later the FlatCube painting and then transitioned into full free-standing objects.

I use the same approach as the Flatcube when working on canvas where a geometric abstraction manipulates with the possibility to enter a space. (red paintings)


BETI BRICELJ – from left – acrylic on wood – 40x37cm – 2020 – STEPHAN SIEBERS – cube in three pices II – 2020 – steel with patina – auflage 3/5 – 60x30x30cm – BB – acrylic on wood – 30x30cm – 2021 – 8 pieces – foto|gwa
BETI BRICELJ – acryl on wood – 30x30cm – 2021/22 – STEPHAN SIEBERS – cube in three pieces – 60x30x30cm – Auflage 3/5 – steel with patina – 2011 – BB – acrylic on canvas – 30x120cm – 2021 – foto|gwa